Thursday, December 20, 2007

Financial Meltdown or Just another "Crisis"

The Housing Bubble.  How does it measure up.  My favorite reference is a little monograph titled "Bank Failures in Mature Economies" put out by the Basal Bank of International Settlements.  Or just BIS.  This covers a lot of ground

  • The Herstatt crisis in Germany
  • The Banking Crisis in Norway
  • Bank Failures in Spain
  • The Swiss Case
  • UK Bank of Credit and Commerce International
  • UK Barings
  • US The Savings and Loan crisis
  • US Continental Illinois National Bank: the pitfalls of illiquidity
  • US Bank of New England: the perils of real estate lending
  • US The collapse of sub-prime lenders - sneak preview
  • The Banking Crisis in Norway
More to come.

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